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Maps can make a difference

When maps matter....

      Spatial information plays an important role in decision-making, planning and strategy development. To inform these activities appropriately, a thorough and integrated understanding of the context is necessary.

      Information from many different sources contributes to context and situation analyses. Maps can support and guide analysis and visualise the facts, relationships and pattern.


      Services offered:

      To this end, the following portfolio of services is offered:

      • Integrated information analysis for the creation of situational awareness and business intelligence;
      • Advice on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - supported information management and interoperability issues;
      • Stakeholder engagement, User requirements and Business workflow analysis in spatial  information management contexts.



      Since the year 2000, an extensive track record of work in international cross-disciplinary projects and programmes in Europe, Asia and Africa has been established.


      It comprises assignments in:

      • Technical assistance missions for development cooperation financed by the EC, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the African Development Bank (AfDB);
      • Research and system development projects with EU Agencies, private institutions and industry;
      • Information coordination and analysis missions in support of conflict and crisis response operations with UN OCHA, ACAPS, IDMC and NGOs.




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